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Don't let a bad credit report stop you from applying for a mortgage in Florida. Tons of people in Florida are able to get a bad credit mortgage, so why not you? Whether you have poor credit or have no documentation for your income, Florida mortgage lenders will find you mortgage companies that will help with your need for a mortgage.

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Our system can help match you up with multiple mortgage companies in Florida who can contact you to see if you qualify for a mortgage with your bad credit. There are mortgage brokers that specialize in poor credit consumers such as Ameriquest Mortgage. Just about anyone who has bad credit and wants to refinance have been able to with Ameriquest and other mortgage lenders in our network.

Don't wait till mortgage rates climb higher in Florida and apply today. Whether you are buying in Jacksonville or Orlando or anyone else in the state of Florida, we will attempt to find you local Florida mortgage companies who can help consumers with bad credit to refinance or buy their first home.