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Now is the time to refinance if you are on a short term ARM that will be resetting within the next year or two. Mortgage rates have been slowly inching upwards in Florida and you don't want to wait too long to refinance. Did you know that historically, mortgage rates nationwide have been over 10%. Right now, depending on your personal credit score, you can refinance into lower rates.

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We can help match you up with a Florida mortgage company that will help locate a mortgage lender or mortgage broker in FL who will work to get you the mortgage refinance for your home. Whether your credit score is under 600 or even 550, there are a good amount of mortgage companies in Florida that can help you. With lower credit scores, it may be hard to go with a traditional home loan bank, but mortgage brokers work with a lot of mortgage lenders who have special programs available for people who have bad credit or can't document their income.

A lot of people in Florida underestimate how much their property is worth. Since the recent years has caused a huge run-up in property values everywhere in the state, consumers are able to take advantage by refinancing and cashing out their equity to pay off debts and other bills or even to remodel your home.